In today's unboxing video I have 3 exciting items to show you!
2 of them are very handy for my sniper loadout and the other 1 is very useful on hot days.

Stock pouch (shotgun shell holder) -
T-shirt -
Tactical case -

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Finally another gameplay video! This time with my Hi-capa 5.1 Gold match from Tokyo Marui.

I don't often use my Hi-capa because most of the time I just play with my M4 in the buildings but this time I was carrying a sniper (from someone else) so I had to use my handgun. So this is the first time I did some action with it and I love it! It performs so great out of the box. Enjoy watching!

Field where I was playing: The chambers @ crimi events


Welcome to my first unboxing video! In this video I am unboxing a gift pakage from ICS that every ICS Captain 2017 received.


OP Valentine's Revenche @ Fort de Barchon with Airsoftdoctor.

This is the first gameplay video that I made. Hope you guys like it! Feel free to give me feedback so I can improve.

I also forgot to lign out my camera so I am sorry if the view isn't always that straight.